Conventional Building Services

Our Approach

Whether they’re residential or commercial, building projects are connected to the most important aspects of our lives: our homes and businesses. We’ve all heard horror stories of projects gone wrong through poor quality materials, blown timelines and unethical contractors. At Zepp Construction, we believe the process of fulfilling dreams should be enjoyable rather than stressful. 

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll provide one on one service, customization and quality subs who will also give you the same attention you are getting from your general contractor. From the planning stage to the finishing stage we will work with our customers to ensure details that make all the difference are not missed and work with you through the adjustments that arise during the process of making your dream a reality.

Quality Commercial and Residential Construction

At the beginning of each project, Zepp Construction will provide as much or as little input into the design process as you desire. We have the flexibility to work with different sizes and layouts and cover every aspect of the conventional stick-frame building process from drywall and cabinets to flooring and door placement. Our products are weatherized and provide excellent insulation value. Once the structural phase is complete, our team offers a complete suite of finishing options, including siding, roofing, plumbing and electrical. We also work with clients who want to leave room for altering or creating additions to a project in the future. 

Commercial Construction

If your business needs an entirely new building for office or retail space or simply an additional structure to increase your capacity, we can help. Zepp Construction creates office spaces, warehouse space, agricultural buildings, barns and other outbuildings.  

Residential Construction

Let us build your customized home or the dream project you’ve been saving for, whether it’s a new garage, man cave, or other outdoor space. We build decks, patio covers, arbors and pergolas and much more. 


Our team of subcontractors includes professionals with decades of experience in their respective industries along with those who are newer to the field. What they have in common is a commitment to excellence and an ability to work together seamlessly on a range of projects. We have used the same group for nearly a decade. Clients have consistently noted the courtesy, professionalism and attention to detail our team brings to each job. 

Our Materials

Zepp Construction uses top quality building materials that are designed to last.  We avoid using knock-off brands of siding, roofing, windows, doors and plumbing products that may be cheaper in the short term but are ultimately more expensive because they are less durable. As an example, our roofing underlayment and flashing are synthetic rather than felt. Other materials include: 

Kiln-dried Lumber

Kiln-dried lumber is durable and less likely to warp, twist or break than air-dried lumber. 

CDX Subfloors and sheathing

CDX is veneer plywood which can withstand extreme moisture without water damage. We will use OSB subflooring if the client requests it. 

Cedar Trim

Cedar won’t warp because of moisture and is naturally resistant to insects and doesn’t require any chemical treatment. It requires less maintenance than other types of wood and is resistant to temperature and weather conditions. 

“Taylor actually listened to my requirements and made helpful suggestions on the best, most cost-effective way of completing the work. After contacting quite a few other contractors, I found Zepp to be the most responsive.”

“The work performed by Taylor and his team has transformed a worn-out condo at the ocean into a beautiful brand new vacation home. There is no doubt you would be happy with Taylor as your contractor. Thanks, Taylor!”

Call us at (360) 470 4622 to speak with us about any job inquiry. We will get back to you within one business day. 

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